Greno Pościel Satynowa Joy Frotex 200X220

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Komplety pościeli 200x220cm Greno, materiał – Frotte, Satyna, zapięcie na Zamek błyskawiczny, 3 części w zestawie


Greno presents their extraordinary quality bedding collection, the SATYNA FROTEX satin bedding. With its colorful and interesting graphic designs, as well as contrasting colors, it is sure to appeal to creative individuals who appreciate innovative style and unique solutions. Satin bedding is a special collection for those who value comfort and elegance. The collection’s biggest advantages are the high-quality satin with a shiny sheen, beautiful and trendy color palette, and exceptional design. It features a zipper closure.


Material: 100% Cotton

Care instructions:
– Wash at temperatures up to 40°C
– Iron at temperatures up to 210°C
– Do not bleach
– Do not dry clean

Specification: Greno Pościel Satynowa Joy Frotex 200X220


Satyna > Pościele satynowe, Frotte > Komplety pościeli – Frotte


Zamek błyskawiczny

Wymiary pościeli

200x220cm > Komplety pościeli 200×220


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